Martin R. Soderstrom



Now available in bookstores and online Zombies, edited by Robert N. Stephenson, and Don't Turn The Lights On, edited by Diana Bocco.

ZOMBIES, from Altair Publishing in Australia, features my story Spark, about an ex (dead is about as 'ex' as you can get) DEA agent dealing with monsters and lost love in a story where nothing is what it appears, except the bullets.

DON'T TURN THE LIGHTS ON, from Stone Garden Publishing features my story The Pond, an H.P. Lovecraft inspired story about revenge, love and facing your inner demons, all neatly wrapped up in a monster-in-the-lake pastiche. (No, really.)


There's a lot of great information available to writers today. The Internet, books and magazines have no end of experts touting the best way to do this and that. Unfortunately, the filters of effort that existed when I was first starting out are no longer there. And Lord knows we need them now more than ever.

When I was floundering around (mumble,mumble) years ago, there wasn't much to choose from. Computer bulletin boards were few in number and slow as a cheesed-up goose. Mega bookstores didn't produce there own climate zones between the miles of shelves. Even the tools were limited. This made it easy to make a decision and get to work.

But before I sound like a complete curmudgeon, my point is, there are some go-to places and people that never seem to fail me. I'll periodically talk about this in my blog, but as a quick reference, listen to these people. They know what they're talking about: Jim Butcher (check out his blog), Holly Lisle, and J.A. Konrath (his entire blog is a must read, but this will get you started).


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